Find Out the Best Way to Win Gold and Diamonds on Free Fire


Craving for some action while stuck in quarantine? Fortunately, with the availability of mobile apps, you’ll never run out of popular games to check out. If you’re the competitive type who finds thrill in danger, you’ll definitely love Free Fire.

Dubbed to be the ultimate survival shooter game, this mobile app lets you battle against 49 other players to become the last one standing. Familiar, eh? This is because the game pretty much follows the same arrangement as PUBG Mobile and Fortnite.


However, to fully enjoy your stay in the arena, you might want to know how to win gold and diamonds in the game first. After all, these serve as the currencies that will let you improve your character design and weapons. Here, we have listed down the tips on how you can win gold and diamonds to get an advantage in the game

Find Out the Best Way to Win Gold and Diamonds on Free Fire

Gold and Diamonds on Free Fire – What are They?

Basically, as stated above, diamonds and gold serve as currencies in the world of Free Fire. By collecting enough of these, you’ll be able to snatch amazing prizes, such as unique character designs, skills, and weapons.

For players of the game, collecting golds and diamonds is a way to boost their chances of surviving in the battlefield.


Best Way to Win Gold and Diamonds on Free Fire

Normally, to get gold and diamonds on Free Fire, you can purchase them using your own money. For many, that is the most straightforward way of obtaining these most craved commodities. However, there are still other ways to get them. Among these include.

Subscribing to Weekly or Monthly Membership

If you want to minimize the cost of buying gold and diamonds in Free Fire, you may want to subscribe to the game’s Weekly or Monthly Membership offers. Specifically, by availing any of these memberships, you’ll get the chance to purchase gold and diamonds in much cheaper rates. 

If you want to boost up your chances even more, you can also buy the game’s VIP membership, which lets you earn 60 diamonds per day. The VIP status can be purchased for a week at the low price of $1.99 or for a month at $7.99.

Engaging in In-Game Events

Another option you can try is to engage in temporary events that the game hosts once in a while. To do so, you can simply tap on the upper-right corner of your lobby screen to see the list of events that you can join in. 

Often times, these events will provide you with extra diamonds or some exclusive discounts to buy them.

Using Google PlayStore Credits

Lastly, you may also use your Google PlayStore credits to purchase golds and diamonds in Free Fire. To fill your credit, you may simply answer online surveys from websites like Google Opinion Rewards or download new apps recommended by websites such as GrabPoints. 

Normally, by doing those, you’ll get the chance to receive Google PlayStore credits as a form of reward. You can use that to purchase gold and diamonds in Free Fire.

Find Out the Best Way to Win Gold and Diamonds on Free Fire

The Bottom Line

Ready to conquer the battlefield? While looting weapons and equipment remains the top method of defending yourself, boosting your character design, skills, and weapons via gold and diamond will further your chances of winning against other players in the game.