UK authorities to decide on Huawei 5G equipment ban

UK to decide on Huawei 5G equipment ban
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The UK government is expected to make a decision on whether to place a ban equipment manufactured by Chinese technology firm Huawei from its 5G networks.

With the US is lobbying for the UK to exclude Huawei on the grounds of national security, the government is expected to come up with a decision on Tuesday. The tech giant has denied allegations that it takes orders from the Chinese government.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is leading a meeting of the National Security Council to decide on the matter but the decision may not be announced immediately.

According to speculations, Johnson may opt to ban Huawei only from the “core” parts of the country’s 5G network. The core involves essential functions such as authenticating subscribers and sending voice and data between devices and is sometimes pertained to as the “brains” or “heart” of a network.

Former Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said he “wondered whether it was wise” for the UK to become “technologically dependent on another country”.


Hunt pointed out: “I would say if the decision goes the other way this week, as some of the signs seem to indicate it might, I hope there will also be some reflection in the US, because we have never needed the Western alliance to be stronger than now.”

In a tweet, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expressed his support of Conservative MP Tom Tugendhat, who wrote on Sunday that it would be wrong to allow Huawei into the network. Pompeo said: “MP Tom Tugendhat gets it right.”

In 2019, the US prohibited companies from selling components and technology to Huawei and 68 related companies, citing national-security concerns. Two weeks ago, a US delegation presented new evidence claiming to show security risks posed by using the Chinese firm.

The delegation was led by deputy National Security Adviser Matt Pottinger who met ministers in London.