Trump: US will not impose lockdowns as UK shuts down again

Trump: US will not impose lockdowns as UK shuts down again
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As UK shuts down again, President Donald Trump announced that the US will not impose lockdowns to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

In his announcement on Tuesday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the public to work from home again and ordered restaurants to stop their daily operations at an earlier time. He reiterated that the restrictions could be imposed for up to six months if the situation does not improve, stressing that the country was at a “perilous turning point.”

The UK reported over 4,300 new Covid-19 cases on Monday, matching the levels seen in early May when the country exceeded other European nations in the number of Covid-19 deaths, based on the data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

“The UK just shut down again. They just announced that they’re going to do a shutdown, and we’re not going to be doing that,” Trump said during his interview on Fox 2 Detroit. “We understand the disease, we understand how to handle it,” he added.

Health authorities in the UK have expressed their concern over growing hospitalizations that could lead to a high number of deaths as people become seriously ill and die.


In a statement, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said that Covid-19 is “spreading exponentially, in all age groups, across the UK”

Meanwhile, in the US, Trump has repeatedly said for months that the country would not reimpose restrictions following a resurgence of coronavirus cases.

“Lockdowns do not prevent infection in the future. They just don’t. It comes back many times, it comes back,” Trump said in the past.

“In our current phase, we must focus on protecting those at highest risk while allowing younger and healthier Americans to resume work and school with careful precautions. Ideally, we want to open those schools. We want to open them,” the president said.

“Our hospitals are very low now in terms of the number of patients, which is a great thing. We have tremendous capacity and we’re making the turn,” Trump noted.

Flu season

However, White House health advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the daily new number of infections remains too high as the nation enters the flu season.

“Ultimately some will lead to hospitalizations and those will lead to deaths,” Dr. Fauci said during CNN’s Citizen conference, saying that the US must lower its daily number of cases “down sharply to a very low level.” “When you have a lot of cases floating around, it’s much more difficult to contain that than if you have a relatively low number.”

“When you have a baseline of infections that are 40,000 per day and you have threats of increased test positivity in certain regions of the country, such as the Dakotas and Montana and places like that. … You don’t want to start off already with a baseline that’s so high,” he noted.

He stressed that the issues are being worsened by the approaching fall and winter seasons, which will likely encourage people to stay indoors where the virus can be transmitted more easily.

Dr. Fauci explained that the US will be in a “more precarious situation” in the fall and winter and if the country still reports the current level of new infections every day, it will place the US at “a disadvantage right from the very beginning.”