Friday, 18 September, 2020
Jack Dorsey donates to universal basic income project

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey donates $3M to universal basic income project

Twitter chief executive officer (CEO) Jack Dorsey has donated $3 million to a universal basic income project, which is being piloted by the mayors...
Facebook label boycott Unilever

Unilever joins boycott: Facebook to label potentially harmful posts

Tech giant Facebook has announced that it will begin labeling potentially harmful posts that it allows due to their news value, following the decision...
Disney Splash Mountain ride

Disney’s Splash Mountain ride to be ‘completely reimagined’

Disney has announced that its Splash Mountain ride, one of its most popular but controversial rides, will be "completely reimagined". According to Disney, the Splash...
The North Face Facebook boycott

The North Face joins big brands’ Facebook advertising boycott

Outdoor apparel brand The North Face has decided to commit to an advertising boycott of Facebook due to its handling of misinformation and hate...
Bank of England slavery ties

Bank of England: Latest British firm to apologize for slavery ties

The Bank of England has issued an apology for historic ties to slavery, becoming the latest among British companies to apologize for the connection. The...

Supreme Court blocks Trump’s bid to cancel DACA immigration program

The Supreme Court blocks Trump’s bid to cancel the DACA immigration program on Thursday. The decision will protect young immigrants shielded from deportation. President Donald...
Lloyd's Greene King slave trade

Lloyd’s, Greene King apologize for ties to slave trade

British companies Lloyd's of London and Greene King have apologized for their past connections to the slave trade and vowed to support black and...

Why Aunt Jemima brand is changing its name, design

The Aunt Jemima brand is changing its name and image, according to Quaker Oats. The company says it recognizes that “Aunt Jemima’s origins are...
Adidas HR chief racial issues response

Adidas employees call to investigate HR chief over racial issues response

A group of Adidas employees from different parts of the world is calling for the company to investigate its chief human resources (HR) officer...
Riot Games executive resigns George Floyd meme

Riot games executive resigns after posting George Floyd meme

Ron Johnson, head of consumer products at video game publisher Riot Games, has resigned after receiving criticism for posting a meme about George Floyd. Riot...