Shopify Jobs – How To Work Remote In Tech

Shopify is an E-commerce application that saw the light of day in 2004 and has been up and running for the past sixteen years.

Supported around the globe, Shopify offers numerous opportunities to those interested in E-commerce development.

As a multinational company, it has offices all over the globe that are constantly looking for people that will drive the future of E-commerce. In fact, there are even a number of remote jobs available. 

Type Of Shopify Jobs That Are Available

Shopify is currently looking for people to fill numerous available positions. Some are posted at specific offices around the globe. This includes in Berlin, Stockholm, and several in the US.


However, some of the positions on offer may be applied for in remote locations, including but not limited to a few tech specialties. These fields include front-end development, site reliability engineering, software development, mobile development, and much more. 

The requirements for each position will vary according to the specialist field you apply for. There are also remote positions available for other fields. These include customer support and business operations positions, as well as sales and account management positions.

You can view their full list of available jobs by following this link, or visit Shopify’s site and search for job options.

Who Is Eligible?

Depending on what position you apply for, the eligibility for the job will vary greatly. If you apply for a job in a specific region, you should be living in and be a legal citizen of that country.

When applying for a remote job, these criteria are free to be ignored. However, as with any job application, you should have the proper experience and knowledge to be capable of doing the work required of you.

It should also be noted that Shopify applies a strict system when it comes to hiring individuals. In their search to develop the best products for their clients, they will put prospective employees through an interview system. They call this the Life Story interview. 

Successful applications will be largely determined by your ability to overcome challenges. When preparing for an interview, keep in mind the following points of thought. You will need to know your own strengths and weaknesses, or as Shopify states it, a full self-awareness. 

You should also be capable of identifying the impact you have on others and situations in your life. Confidence to communicate truthfully and be capable of winning or building trust is another essential skill.

Last, but not least, you should have devoted intention and care in the fields that you work in. You can read more on their interviewing guidelines by using the following link, or by clicking on the ‘How We Hire’ option in the menu when browsing for potential work.

Average Salary and Rates for Common Jobs

The one thing that does stand out when working for Shopify is the amount of care they show towards their employees.

From providing customized health benefits to even providing catered meals, they will take care of all your needs so you can perform to the best of your ability.

Prospective salaries range widely according to the position you fill, but it will be a lucrative opportunity. 

A Junior Developer at Shopify will earn an annual average salary of $82,424.

An established developer at Shopify will earn substantially more, with an average estimated annual income of $108,014.

Further up the ladder of the IT department, a senior developer will earn an estimated annual salary of $137,101.

A lead engineer will earn an estimated annual provision of $161,000. 

The average annual salary on a median determined by statistics provided by employees of the engineering department is $132,353.

The average median of overall salaries paid out by Shopify on an annual basis ranges around $117,453 at an hourly rate of $56.

The highest-paid salary belongs to the Director of Sales at $210,961 annually.

Meanwhile, the lowest-paid salary is for an admin position identified as CS Rep, which earns an estimated annual salary of $46,626.

How To Apply

You can easily apply for any position with their online system. All you need to do is find the perfect position to apply for. Check out the detailed description of what is required and tap the Apply Now button. From there, you must fill out a form.

Keep a digital resume handy, and accounts with LinkedIn or other such services will be extra useful. You can provide the address in the sections provided and simply send through the application when done.

If you do not find any suitable position available, you can always leave details and sign up to be informed of future possibilities at the bottom of the job browsing page.


There are plenty of opportunities at Shopify. Feel free to visit their site today and browse for any prospective position that you might be interested in.

Don’t forget to visit the How We Hire page for a detailed description of what they look for in potential candidates. If you qualify, applying is as simple as filling out a form and providing the necessary details.