Thursday, 27 January, 2022
Memory loss air pollution

New study: Your memory could be damaged by air pollution

A new study has discovered that exposure to air pollution significantly affects our memory, causing a memory loss equivalent to up to ten years...

Pfizer proposes expansion of experimental phase-three vaccine trial

Pfizer proposes the expansion of its experimental phase-three vaccine trial to register up to 44,000 participants. The vaccine trial expansion suggests a significant increase from...
Golden retriever

10,000 dogs needed for the largest-ever dog lifespan study

The Dog Aging Project is looking for 10,000 dogs for the largest-ever dog lifespan study. The dog lifespan project aims to gather veterinary records, DNA...

Scientists questioned data on Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine

Scientists wrote an open letter questioning data on Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, saying it was incomplete and presented “unlikely patterns.” A group of scientists became...
UAE space mission Mars

UAE space mission to Mars to launch in a few weeks

The first Arab space mission to Mars will be launched by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) several weeks from now, with fueling to begin...

Coronavirus vaccines: 40 countries pledge donation for research

In search for coronavirus vaccines, 40 countries and donors pledged donations for the development as well as for the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19. In...
China coronavirus origins

China attempts to control research on coronavirus origins

China has imposed restrictions on the accessibility of research on coronavirus origins. A CNN article reported that based on a central government directive and online notices...

New study: High blood pressure drugs can reduce Covid-19 mortality

High blood pressure drugs can reduce Covid-19 mortality, according to a new study. Findings eased concerns that those drugs can worsen Covid-19. Drugs taken to...
modern humans origin Zambezi Botswana

Ancestral home of modern humans found in Botswana

Researchers have discovered the homeland of all modern humans in a region located south of the Zambezi River in Botswana. While the area is now...
Bird feathers flight style

How do birds’ feathers grow? New study reveals differences in flight styles

  A new study has revealed that birds’ feathers are a major factor why some birds fly and some don’t and why they fly differently. The...