Online shopping a hit to consumers of all ages, according to a study

online shopping
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Most shoppers, old and young, prefer online shopping nowadays, according to a new analysis released by e-commerce company ChannelAdvisor.

The survey, which involved 500 shoppers in the UK, suggests that shoppers turn to Amazon first for their purchase. They are also open to buying from brands they heard for the first time.

Findings revealed that for online shopping, 82% of the participants prefer Amazon when discovering new products and brands. Amazon is followed by Google (68%), eBay (49%), Facebook (22%), Instagram (16%), and retailers’ own websites (46%).

Moreover, Amazon remains the top choice for older shoppers (91% of those aged 65 or older). The platform was also a hit to younger shoppers, or 51% of those aged between 56 and 65.

The younger consumers mostly prefer social media channels: Instagram is the choice of 50% of those aged 18 to 25 for product research, and it is followed by Facebook (43%).


Eighty four percent of the participants said that they purchased from brands they had not heard of before from Amazon.

According to ChannelAdvisor, sixty five percent said they would naturally buy from the first page of Amazon results. Sixty six percent said they came across products that were recommended through ads on Amazon.

Amazon is also one of the main platforms for advertising around the world, recording $4.8 billion in revenue in the last quarter of 2019.

The survey also revealed that almost half of the consumers bought products they saw advertised on Facebook.

How shoppers buy

Shoppers rely on product reviews, products descriptions, coupons, images, and videos to compare and identify brands and products sold on Amazon. Meanwhile, more than half said they used the Amazon Prime filter when shopping online.  –

“Consumers’ online buying journey has changed dramatically as the digital landscape is in constant evolution. That is why understanding shoppers’ behaviour is so important for brands as a first step to develop their ecommerce strategy and ultimately grow their bottom line,” said Jon Maury, EMEA managing director at ChannelAdvisor.