How to Accumulate Credit Card Miles (And Pay Nothing for Travel)

Many individuals are hit with the travel bug wherever they might be. This is why they avail of frequent flyer programs that reward them with credit card miles each time they take a flight. What usually motivates these savvy travellers is having the chance to redeem an airline ticket for free.

While frequent flyer programs are great, seasoned travellers know that the best way to earn miles is through reliable and reputable credit cards. These days, there are credit cards that provide airline miles through sign-up and with every eligible spend. Apart from booking a free flight, your miles can also help you get free accommodation and more.

Financial tools such as credit cards that provide miles help you maximize your credit card benefits. To know more about accumulating miles and how you can enjoy a free vacation, read on. This guide might just help you maximize your credit card offerings.

How to Accumulate Credit Card Miles (And Pay Nothing for Travel)

How Credit Card Miles Work

Carriers now partner with different banking and financial institutions. This means that as a cardholder of a co-branded credit card, spends will be rewarded through miles. By earning your miles through a credit card, you have a wider range of options where you can earn these air miles. However, to avail these, air miles will be made available through your frequent flyer account.


How to Earn Credit Card Miles

To start earning miles, you need to apply for a credit card that has a comprehensive miles reward program. Credit card miles vary from one banking institution to another. To earn miles using an airline co-branded credit card, all you need to do is purchase anything from the list of eligible items. These typically include grocery or supermarket items, as well as loading up on petrol stations.

Aside from purchases, you can also earn miles when you sign up for welcome offers and bonuses offered by your bank. This means you can earn miles faster than simply availing frequent flyer programs. You may also refer friends or get more than one travel credit card. Doing so allows you to transfer miles from one card to another.

Bear in mind that the miles you earn may follow different rates depending on a variety of factors. The card you have on your wallet, the rates of these miles, and the different categories may also factor into your mile-earning potential. While purchases and travel spends may be eligible, remember that balance transfers and cash advances don’t qualify for miles.

Redeeming Credit Card Miles

You can only redeem miles once you have attained enough miles in your account. Most airlines and carriers allow you to redeem free flights when you have around 50,000 to 80,000 miles. To redeem, simply login to your credit card account and choose redemption options you wish to avail. Some of the most popular redemptions include free airline tickets, hotel accommodations, and travel packages.


Earning credit card miles becomes easier when you pick the right credit card on hand. Whether it’s signing up for bonus points, picking a carrier’s co-branded card, or simply buying everyday purchases, getting to travel for free can truly be possible. Check out the rest of our site to learn more about airline rewards programs.