5 Hot Tips to Get Cheap Error Flight Deals

Let’s face it, plane tickets can cost a fortune, especially if you are going out of the country. Error flights are one of the few ways to avoid the cost. The expense can be as high as a few thousand dollars, and if you are traveling on special holidays like Christmas or New Year’s, you can expect to pay far more.

If you want to snatch cheap error flight deals, be sure to explore the options and do your research to score low-cost error flight deals online. It can take a little while but it’s worth it for the savings!

Here we’re going to save you some time and show you 5 hot tips for finding error flight deals. These tips can help you stumble upon flights for up to 40% off the original price. Read on if you want to be in the know.

5 Hot Tips for Grabbing Cheap Error Flight Deals

1. Sign Up for a Membership

Some websites, like Scott’s Cheap Flights, offer premium memberships to score mistake fares priced at an insanely low amount. By signing up for this membership, you can access rare deals during peak seasons and holiday flights.


On Scott’s Cheap Flights, a premium membership costs only $49 a year, which is fairly cheap considering how much this site can save you!

2. Set Price Alerts

Utilize your phone to get notified about the cheapest error flight deals on Google Flights and Kayak. Once you turn this feature on, you will discover economy fares that are way cheaper than the regular price.

3. Discover More Error and Mistake Fare Sites

One of the best ways to score cheap flight tickets is to explore error fare sites like Secret Flying and Next Vacay. Secret Flying is a great starting point because it doesn’t require sign up and membership to get amazing flight deals. Plus, the website publishes the latest deals.

Next Vacay will also hook you up with cheap deals, but as with Scott’s Cheap Flights, you need to pay for a membership fee to enjoy the perks of accessing error fares. Again, worth it, even if you only book one flight per year.

Skyscanner, on the other hand, is a website that lets you scan through a calendar and discover low fares.

Browse these websites, and you can surely snatch a way better deal compared to what major airlines usually offer. The secret here is to consistently check the dates and route with the lower price.

Other websites you may want to check include the ones below.

  • The Flight Deal
  • Airfare Watchdog
  • Error Fare Alerts
  • CheapFlightsFinder
  • Hack Flight
  • Jet Radar

4. Sign Up to Airlines’ Email Alerts

Never sleep on email alerts from major airlines because most of the time, they send out promo flights during the wee hours. Take advantage of this, and make sure to get your credit card ready.

5. Monitor and Follow Social Media Accounts

Secret Flying, TheFlightDeal, and Scott’s Cheap Flights share cheap flight deals on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Make sure you follow their accounts and monitor recent activities and movements to score awesome deals.


There are tons of ways to save money on plane tickets. Explore the web, use your resources, and follow these five hot tips to find cheap error flight fares online.